EM13c Exalytics TimesTen Plugin

In my previous post we discovered the exalytics machine http://puredba.co.uk/discovering-exalytics-in-em13c/. In this post, we will install an EM13c Exalytics TimesTen Plugin for TimesTen on Linux 5 the version we need is

  1. Create a user on the exalytics machine to be used for TimesTen.

On Exalytics host in TimesTen :

Command> create user emservice identified by emmonitor;

User created.

Command> grant admin to emservice;


  1. Get the plugin and deploy.

In EM13C Console: Setup/Extensibility/Self Update

Drill into Plugins

Select TimesTen (Even though we want, Download

Once downloaded, select Setup/Extensibility/Plugins

Select TimesTen, click Deploy On /Management Servers


Select Next

Select Next

Select next

Select Deploy

*This will shut down the OMS Server and restart during the deployment.

Once restarted, Go back to the Plug-ins and check it has been successfully deployed to the management server.


Select the TimesTen row, click deploy On, Management Agent.


In the Deploy Agent screen, drop down the version and select Click Continue

Select the exalytics server. Click Continue

Select next



Setup/Extensibility/Self Update/Add Target Declaratively

Select Host/Target Type as per below.

Click Add

Test Connection

Click Ok


Click Target Declaratively again. Select Host and this time TimesTen Instance.

Test Connection, Then OK.


We are now monitoring TimesTen.






Installing SOACS Hybrid Agent EM13C

In my last post we set up a hybrid agent and installed an OTD agent, in this post we shall create a SOACS agent. I am assuming you have already done the first few steps that were mentioned in my last post OTD Hybrid Agent (http://puredba.co.uk/oracle-traffic-director-otd-hybrid-agent-em-13c/)

  1. On SOACS Target Host

Insert the OMS server details into the host file:

Create the Agent Directory


  1. Add the target in EM
    Em Console>Setup>Add Targets Manually>Install Agent on Host

    Click Next


    Deploy Agent


    We will run script manually, so click continue all hosts.
    Log onto host and run the following as root.

    • /u01/app/agentHome/agent_13.
    • /u01/app/oraInventory/orainstRoot.sh


    Click <done> in your agent install screen.

    If you go to Targets/Hosts, you will see the SOACS machine.

    Discovering SOA Suite

    This section describes the procedure for discovering the SOA Suit.

    1. Login to Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control.
    2. Click Targets and then Middleware.

      Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control displays the Middleware page that lists all the middleware targets being monitored.

    3. In the Middleware page, from the Add list, select Oracle Fusion Middleware / WebLogic Domain and click Go. Specify the Administration Server Host, Port, User Name, Password, Agent (local or remote) and the JMX Protocol and click Continue.

    Click Add Targets

    1. You will return to the Middleware page. You will see the SOA instances under the WebLogic Domain.


    Wait for a few minutes then drill into the soa target you will need to configure the functionality logins.


    Bugs and Fixes


    1. This Error Hospital screen will not work, by default.


    When you go to this screen it will ask you to set up the target information, when you try to do this you will get the following message.


     According to Oracle certifications, it’s not supported with 12.1

     #According to the error we need all these jar files.

     Copy all the jar files.

     Now go back to your screen and just do a save not a rescan. If you did a rescan it will still say some error with jar files, but it will say jar files do exist. Save.

     The screen works.



    1. SOA Composite statuses, if they go down they get marked as down but when they come back up the console does not refresh, you will need to do a weblogic domain refresh in the console. You could set up a job that does this refresh automatically.



     You have SOACS monitored from EM13C cloud control.

Oracle Traffic Director (OTD) Hybrid Agent EM13C

In this post we will set up to monitor OTD in the cloud.


When you use the Add Host Targets Wizard or EM CLI to install a Management Agent on a host running on Microsoft Windows, as a prerequisite, you must install Cygwin and start the SSH Daemon on the host. To do so, follow the steps listed in Section 5.3 and 5.4



  1. Generate Public and Private Keys on a linux box.

This will generate 2 keys a private and public key
Add the public key to the Oracle user (The user being used for connecting to the host from EM13C) on your target OTD host

  1. Set up the user in EM13c


Click on Setup, Security and then Named Credentials.  Click on Create under the Named Credentials section, As per below screen shot, insert your details and the keys you generated in step 1.

Click Save.

  1. Create a Hybrid Cloud Agent

You can use an existing agent, but you should create few agents for higher availability.

Go to Agent home on the oms server and do a

Take a note of the agent url : https://********.***.net:3872/emd/main/



Make sure to restart the agent after you’re performed this step.  


  1. On OTD Target Host

 Insert the OMS server details into the host file:


Create the Agent Directory


  1. Add the target in EM


Em Console

Setup > Add Target > Add Targets Manually

Install Agent on Host

Click Next

Deploy Agent

We will run script manually, so click continue all hosts.

Log onto host and run the following as root.

Click <done> in your agent install screen.

If you go to Targets/Hosts, you will see the machine.


  1. Now let’s add OTD

In Console, Setup,Add Target, Add targets Manually.

Select Add Using Guided Process

Select Traffic Director

Click Add, The screen below we are adding the info you would use to log into the Traffic Director Console. Also if you need to find the other info, this can be found in the following file /u01/data/otd-instance/admin-server/config/snmpagt.conf for the snmp port if it has been configured.

Click Continue

Click Add Targets

7.Verify OTD

In EM13c Console, Select Targets/Middleware/

The status cross will clear once the agent has collected the data

Drill into the OTD.

We can see Traffic Director Responses and Requests, The cross in the status is because the agent is trying to connect to the SNMP port, which we have disabled at the moment. We can still collect meaningful info, without this.


Discovering Exalytics in EM13c

In one of my posts I installed and set up EM13c and installed an agent onto the Exalytics system, we will now discover the system in 13c.

Select targets/Systems


Select Add/Exalytics System

Enter the Machine Name, Agent, Platform, Deployment Type, username, Password, IP Address, ILOM Details

Click Next



Click Add Targets

Log onto the ilom


Select a free alert and click edit

In this screen we will enter the details where the agent is running, so that the ilom can send alerts.

Verify the Compute Node ILOM SNMP

  1. Log onto the host running the agent

Log onto the ilom , and see the event log:

Now check in the EM console if we can see the event id.

Clear in cloud control.

Enabling and Diabling BI Publisher in EM13C

So you have installed EM13C, how do you disable and enable the BI Publisher.

Check OMS Status

Enable BI Publisher

Start BI Publisher

Disable BI Publisher

Monitoring Exalytics (linux 5) with EM13C – Part 1

Fresh Install of EM 13C and the challenges of pushing a agent for linux 5 from EM13C.

Oracle Enterprise Manager is an on premise management platform, we decided to investigate the use of 13c and see what benefits we could get by using this to monitor our exalytics system as well as our other Oracle portfolio including premise and cloud applications. There is many blogs on this but I had some interesting challenges that were difficult to resolve that I wanted to share. During this setup, I did reach out to some well-known EM13C experts that I wanted to say thanks to Kellyn – http://dbakevlar.com – @DBAKevlar and Philip – http://redstk.com/blog – @pbedba.  When 13c came out they did not allow you to push or extract an agent that was lets say that you would need if you have linux 5 running.  It was OK if you already had an agent already installed and upgraded to 13 on the OMS server.  This is where the fun began, In this post I will cover the basics as what was needed to be done to extract a agent and install.  Oracle released a few patches for this in the last 6 weeks to help with this which I will also cover.

We are installing this on windows 8, First thing we do is download the following:

  • 12c Enterprise database
  • Database templates for EM13.
  • EM13

Ensure your account has administrator privileges.

DB12c Install

Start the installer for Oracle 12c Database.

Click next

Select install database software only.

For this we are selecting single instance database installation.

We are installing Enterprise Edition.

Remember the password.

Enter the paths and click next.

We have installed the database.

Unzip the database templates for EM to (This will be the location where you have installed the database software, ensure you unzip the templates to the templates folder.



Run dbca.bat as administrator

Select next

Select advanced mode click next.

If you have saved the templates to the correct location you will see the templates in the above screen.

Enter your database name and click next.

Ensure nothing is selected in screen above and click next.

For this example we are using the same password, note your password.



Select create a new listener, and give it a name and the port you want to use.


Select filesystem,Click next.


In the above screen select the following file, which should be where you extracted your templates.: shpool_12.

Click Next


Click Next

Click Finish


Database Created.

EM13c Install

Select next

Select skip for now, and click next.

As I am installing this on my laptop, I have ignore this error. Still works OK J, I have 8gb memory.


Click Yes

We are doing simple.

Enter your details as well as your host name.


Enter the password you want for your EM, and provide your database connection details.

Select next.

Click Install.

You will see the installation progress.


Downloading Agent Software

Our Exalytics system we need to install the agent, Log into your EM13C., Select Setup/Extensibility/Self Update,


Drill down into the agent software.

Select version

Click Download

At this point I started hitting problems. 13c did not allow you to push to a agent by default, to be able to do this you will need to patch the EM13C. As when you try to export the agent you get an error as below.

Download Patch 22741755 and install as per Read Me, remember on windows ensure you do this as Administrator. Once done also verify it is Installed !!!

Lets try and export the agent on the host again.

Agent Extracted !!! J

Exalytics Configuration

Log onto your ILOM and ensure the SP system identifier is entered.

Log onto your exalytics system

As Root

Agent Install onto exalytics

Create a directory on the Target:

**This is a known BUG (Heartbeat Status : OMS responded illegally [ERROR- Failed to Update Target Type Metadata])

Download Patch

Patch 22581985: agent & 13.1 OMS returns ERROR- Failed to Update Target Type Metadata

Install it and verify it as per previous patch.

We are now ready to Discover the Exalytics system in EM13C.