OOW 18 Even the Aces’s make Mistakes – Truncate table

Today at OOW18, Do come to this session, a number of Aces and myself will go through some of the mistakes we have done 🙂

SESSION INFO Conference: Oracle OpenWorld Session Type: Tips and Tricks Session Session ID: TIP1989 Session Title: Even the ACEs make Mistakes – What did they learn?” Room: Moscone West - Room 3001 Date: 10/23/18 Start Time: 03:45:00 PM End Time: 04:30:00 PM

I will be talking about the deadly truncate table.  So, I accidentally truncated a table in production, what do we do? For a second panic.

Seriously this happened to me, and I did panic for a second. We were on Oracle 10g at the time - So what options did we have and what did we do.

  1. Import table – we could have done this, but the table would have been out of sync.
  2. Restore the full database into a staging area and roll the database forward ie point-in-time recovery.
    1. Export the table.
    2. Import the table into production.
  3. Restore the full database into production and roll the database forward.

At the time – when this happened, we were actually being audited by Oracle on our processes, No1 would have been a quick solution even though we could have lost some rows, but we decided to go with No 3.

All in all, it was successful and well - our DR procedure worked.