EM13c Exalytics TimesTen Plugin

In my previous post we discovered the exalytics machine http://puredba.co.uk/discovering-exalytics-in-em13c/. In this post, we will install an EM13c Exalytics TimesTen Plugin for TimesTen on Linux 5 the version we need is

  1. Create a user on the exalytics machine to be used for TimesTen.

On Exalytics host in TimesTen :

Command> create user emservice identified by emmonitor;

User created.

Command> grant admin to emservice;


  1. Get the plugin and deploy.

In EM13C Console: Setup/Extensibility/Self Update

Drill into Plugins

Select TimesTen (Even though we want, Download

Once downloaded, select Setup/Extensibility/Plugins

Select TimesTen, click Deploy On /Management Servers


Select Next

Select Next

Select next

Select Deploy

*This will shut down the OMS Server and restart during the deployment.

Once restarted, Go back to the Plug-ins and check it has been successfully deployed to the management server.


Select the TimesTen row, click deploy On, Management Agent.


In the Deploy Agent screen, drop down the version and select Click Continue

Select the exalytics server. Click Continue

Select next



Setup/Extensibility/Self Update/Add Target Declaratively

Select Host/Target Type as per below.

Click Add

Test Connection

Click Ok


Click Target Declaratively again. Select Host and this time TimesTen Instance.

Test Connection, Then OK.


We are now monitoring TimesTen.






TimesTen 778: Log write failed because file system is full

TimesTen 778: Log write failed because file system is full

A problem I recently encountered in TimesTen.  So we decided to delete 150gb of data and reload some new data but after finishing the reload and trying to create an index we see the following message:

We then investigate the tterrors.log file and we can see the following:

So what’s happened here?, we know we had enough capacity on this server when we started the delete.

What has happened is that when we decided to remove large amounts of data and reload, this information was written into tt_aggr_store transaction log files, waiting to be checkpointed. Once TimesTen has finished check pointing, these files will be removed. But we have a situation here, our filesystem is full and we need to release some space for the checkpoint to finish, if we log into TimesTen and do ttckpthistory we can see the checkpoint is in progress and at 43% by looking at the 2nd column in from the end (on the in progress checkpoint). If after a few minutes you do ttckpthistory again, this number should rise.


To allow this checkpoint to finish you will have to delete any unnecessary log files that may exist or move them to another file-system, and in the future when reloading – maybe load in smaller batches and keep monitoring the transaction logs and checkpoints.

TimesTen Tip IPCS

So you are restarting the timesten daemon and for some reason, you are getting an error when you try to restart.

Whenever you stop the process, always check it has released the process and memory.

To check if it has stopped:

We can see from the above it is still attached, First try the stop command again, if that fails, run the ttstatus command to find the pid.

You can see there is no connections to the data store.

Kill the pid’s via the kill command. You should be OK to start it now.