Installing SOACS Hybrid Agent EM13C

In my last post we set up a hybrid agent and installed an OTD agent, in this post we shall create a SOACS agent. I am assuming you have already done the first few steps that were mentioned in my last post OTD Hybrid Agent (

  1. On SOACS Target Host

Insert the OMS server details into the host file:

Create the Agent Directory


  1. Add the target in EM
    Em Console>Setup>Add Targets Manually>Install Agent on Host

    Click Next


    Deploy Agent


    We will run script manually, so click continue all hosts.
    Log onto host and run the following as root.

    • /u01/app/agentHome/agent_13.
    • /u01/app/oraInventory/


    Click <done> in your agent install screen.

    If you go to Targets/Hosts, you will see the SOACS machine.

    Discovering SOA Suite

    This section describes the procedure for discovering the SOA Suit.

    1. Login to Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control.
    2. Click Targets and then Middleware.

      Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control displays the Middleware page that lists all the middleware targets being monitored.

    3. In the Middleware page, from the Add list, select Oracle Fusion Middleware / WebLogic Domain and click Go. Specify the Administration Server Host, Port, User Name, Password, Agent (local or remote) and the JMX Protocol and click Continue.

    Click Add Targets

    1. You will return to the Middleware page. You will see the SOA instances under the WebLogic Domain.


    Wait for a few minutes then drill into the soa target you will need to configure the functionality logins.


    Bugs and Fixes


    1. This Error Hospital screen will not work, by default.


    When you go to this screen it will ask you to set up the target information, when you try to do this you will get the following message.


     According to Oracle certifications, it’s not supported with 12.1

     #According to the error we need all these jar files.

     Copy all the jar files.

     Now go back to your screen and just do a save not a rescan. If you did a rescan it will still say some error with jar files, but it will say jar files do exist. Save.

     The screen works.



    1. SOA Composite statuses, if they go down they get marked as down but when they come back up the console does not refresh, you will need to do a weblogic domain refresh in the console. You could set up a job that does this refresh automatically.



     You have SOACS monitored from EM13C cloud control.

SOACS Timezone

Setting the SOACS timezone

So we have provisioned servers in the cloud but the time is in UTC.


You wanted to use BST, this is how it can be done.

1) Log onto the SOA Server

2) All the timezones you can use can be found in the following /usr/share/zoneinfo –  As root change the target for localtime as below

3) When we reboot, we want this setting to be permanent , so we do the following :


4) Reboot the server

5) Log into EM.