Discovering Exalytics in EM13c

In one of my posts I installed and set up EM13c and installed an agent onto the Exalytics system, we will now discover the system in 13c.

Select targets/Systems


Select Add/Exalytics System

Enter the Machine Name, Agent, Platform, Deployment Type, username, Password, IP Address, ILOM Details

Click Next



Click Add Targets

Log onto the ilom


Select a free alert and click edit

In this screen we will enter the details where the agent is running, so that the ilom can send alerts.

Verify the Compute Node ILOM SNMP

  1. Log onto the host running the agent

Log onto the ilom , and see the event log:

Now check in the EM console if we can see the event id.

Clear in cloud control.

Enabling and Diabling BI Publisher in EM13C

So you have installed EM13C, how do you disable and enable the BI Publisher.

Check OMS Status

Enable BI Publisher

Start BI Publisher

Disable BI Publisher