Database Patching issues and resolutions that I have experienced

These are some of the issues I have experienced when patching Oracle databases.

Issue A

You have stopped the databases,ASM and listener but when you run the opatch auto you may see the following in the log:

If you look in the log, it shows :

The details are:

Check what process is locking the file :

a) Solution

It’s the listener, stop it and rerun the patch apply, In some cases it could be different file locking the patching, you can follow the same process to identify the lock and stop/shutdown the process that is locking the patching.

Issue B

Once all the patching has been completed, you try to start the ASM you get the ORA-29701: unable to connect to Cluster Synchronization Service:

If you do a crsctl stat res -t, you can see the cssd is offline.

b) Solution

Start the ASM using ‘srvctl start asm’