FAL[client, ARC0]: Error 12154 for fetching gap sequence

Recently I came across the following error : ERROR: failed to establish dependency between database ps1 and diskgroup resource ora.FRA.dg Error 12154 received logging on to the standby FAL[client, ARC0]: Error 12154 connecting to s1 for fetching gap sequence Error

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OTN Appreciation Day: ASM

OTN Appreciation Day: ASM

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POUG – 1st Polish International Oracle Conference

Amazing 1st POUG Conference

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EM13c Exalytics TimesTen Plugin

In my previous post we discovered the exalytics machine http://puredba.co.uk/discovering-exalytics-in-em13c/. In this post, we will install an EM13c Exalytics TimesTen Plugin for TimesTen on Linux 5 the version we need is Create a user on the exalytics machine to

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Installing SOACS Hybrid Agent EM13C

In my last post we set up a hybrid agent and installed an OTD agent, in this post we shall create a SOACS agent. I am assuming you have already done the first few steps that were mentioned in my

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Oracle Traffic Director (OTD) Hybrid Agent EM13C

In this post we will set up to monitor OTD in the cloud. Pre-Requisite: When you use the Add Host Targets Wizard or EM CLI to install a Management Agent on a host running on Microsoft Windows, as a prerequisite, you

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Discovering Exalytics in EM13c

In one of my posts I installed and set up EM13c and installed an agent onto the Exalytics system, we will now discover the system in 13c. Select targets/Systems   Select Add/Exalytics System Enter the Machine Name, Agent, Platform, Deployment

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Enabling and Diabling BI Publisher in EM13C

So you have installed EM13C, how do you disable and enable the BI Publisher. Check OMS Status

Enable BI Publisher

Start BI Publisher

Disable BI Publisher

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Video: Lock Down Your Cloud

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Using Memory Caching to Achieve Warp Speed BI

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