Oracle Traffic Director (OTD) Hybrid Agent EM13C

In this post we will set up to monitor OTD in the cloud.


When you use the Add Host Targets Wizard or EM CLI to install a Management Agent on a host running on Microsoft Windows, as a prerequisite, you must install Cygwin and start the SSH Daemon on the host. To do so, follow the steps listed in Section 5.3 and 5.4


  1. Generate Public and Private Keys on a linux box.

This will generate 2 keys a private and public key
Add the public key to the Oracle user (The user being used for connecting to the host from EM13C) on your target OTD host

  1. Set up the user in EM13c


Click on Setup, Security and then Named Credentials.  Click on Create under the Named Credentials section, As per below screen shot, insert your details and the keys you generated in step 1.

Click Save.

  1. Create a Hybrid Cloud Agent

You can use an existing agent, but you should create few agents for higher availability.

Go to Agent home on the oms server and do a

Take a note of the agent url : https://********.***.net:3872/emd/main/



Make sure to restart the agent after you’re performed this step.  


  1. On OTD Target Host

 Insert the OMS server details into the host file:


Create the Agent Directory


  1. Add the target in EM


Em Console

Setup > Add Target > Add Targets Manually

Install Agent on Host

Click Next

Deploy Agent

We will run script manually, so click continue all hosts.

Log onto host and run the following as root.

Click <done> in your agent install screen.

If you go to Targets/Hosts, you will see the machine.


  1. Now let’s add OTD

In Console, Setup,Add Target, Add targets Manually.

Select Add Using Guided Process

Select Traffic Director

Click Add, The screen below we are adding the info you would use to log into the Traffic Director Console. Also if you need to find the other info, this can be found in the following file /u01/data/otd-instance/admin-server/config/snmpagt.conf for the snmp port if it has been configured.

Click Continue

Click Add Targets

7.Verify OTD

In EM13c Console, Select Targets/Middleware/

The status cross will clear once the agent has collected the data

Drill into the OTD.

We can see Traffic Director Responses and Requests, The cross in the status is because the agent is trying to connect to the SNMP port, which we have disabled at the moment. We can still collect meaningful info, without this.