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UKOUG Business Analytics SIG

I’ll be at the UKOUG Business Analytics SIG on the 12th March Oracle City Office, if you have any questions about accelerating analytics. Get in touch.

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Database Scripts

I have added some more useful scripts under the database section.

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Gartner BI Summit 2015

I’m all booked up for the Gartner BI Summit 2015. Looking forward to seeing the winners and losers. Let’s see what they say about Oracle :), come back here on the 9th, where I will share the information.

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TimesTen import from oracle utility

The other day, someone wanted to place some oracle tables into TimesTen DB for some testing, this is a great quick way: 1)     Make sure you have a connection to your Oracle database in the TimesTen tnsfile, so I have

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How to move the OBIEE RCU Database

Recently I had to move the OBIEE RCU Database, click here

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Oracle BA Summit 2015

At the Oracle Business Analytics summit in London, come to track 1 and hear us talk about how we drive the business using analytics. Great presentation by Andrew Strauss on how the England cricket team used analytics to analyse the

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Oracle BI Analytics Summit 2015

Make sure you have registered to this year’s event, where I’m sure there will be some in memory analytics discussions: Oracle BI Summit 2015

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  • Oracle OpenWorld 2014
  • Gartner BI Summit 9/3/15-10/3/15
  • UKOUG Business Analytics SIG 12/3/15
  • UKOUG Conference 7/12/15-9/12/15
  • Oracle Ireland Conference 2016 3/3/16-4/3/16
  • UKOUG Systems 2016 12/5/16
  • Oracle OpenWorld 2016
  • POUG 2016 7/10/16
  • DOAG 2016 15/11/16
  • UKOUG 2016 5/12/16



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