Installing,Configuring Statspack and Identifying issues

Now that we have AWR you may wonder do we still need statspack, well first of all you need an enterprise edition of the database and the diagnostic license.

These are the steps to install statspack.

Installing Statspack

First create the tablespace to hold the Statspack tables.
SQL> create tablespace stats_data
datafile ‘+ASM’ size 500M
autoextend on maxsize 2G;

Tablespace created.


Oracle Openworld 2014

Going to a Open World is a must for anyone, I Attended Oracle Openworld to investigate new technology and discuss current and future software plans with the Oracle development teams.

Earlier in the year I was asked by Susan (Oracle Times Ten VP) to do a joint presentation.   I started by covering some of the interesting ways we have been using and implementing technology; then moving into the various technical options available to other companies implementing an Exalytics machine to improve dashboard performance by placing datasets into memory.

The presentation is attached for your reference.