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TimesTen Tip IPCS

So you are restarting the timesten daemon and for some reason, you are getting an error when you try to restart. Whenever you stop the process, always check it has released the process and memory.

To check if it

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UKOUG Conference 2015

UKOUG 2015 conference is nearly upon us, Make sure you have booked your tickets as you will have so much to take back. New Ideas,New Knowledge and also New Friends. Whatever you do, do not miss my presentation, 7th December

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Standalone Oracle Database Patching with ASM

Some Useful links: Information Center: Patching and Maintaining Oracle Database Server/Client Installations (Doc ID 1351428.2) Introduction to Oracle Recommended Patches (Doc ID 756388.1) Oracle Recommended Patches — Oracle Database (Doc ID 756671.1) Quick Reference to Patch Numbers for Database PSU,

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Oracle OpenWorld 2015

Oracle Openworld is an annual Oracle convention for business decision-makers, IT management, and line of business end users. The conference normally takes place around mid-September, this year it was late October. Presentations take place by Oracle, Consulting companies as well

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EXPDP and IMPDP with Query and REMAP_TABLE

Here we have a table called requests under the SAMPLE schema, what we are going to do is export it and then re import changing its name and the tablespace with a filter. 1. Create export par file and export

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ORA-01950: no privileges on tablespace ‘X’

Problem: A user called JIM has left your organisation, you have revoked their roles to the database, 4 days later during a restart of your application, some people start reporting ‘ORA-01950: no privileges on tablespace ‘ORA-01950: no privileges on tablespace

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Identifying Top SQL using statspack

So you don’t have diagnostic or the tuning pack for your databases, but you have started collecting information using Oracle Statspack that i mentioned in one of my previous posts. As well as running normal reports, you can also run

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Accelerate BI Apps Reporting

Check out my article on how you can accelerate BI by caching into TimesTen on Exalytics.  

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ERROR: -14(asmlib /opt/oracle/extapi/64/asm/orcl/1/ version failed with 2

So you have decided to patch your OS, after patching you cannot start the ASM, when you look into the alert log for the ASM you see the following: Errors in file /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/grid/log/diag/asm/+asm/+ASM/trace/+ASM_rbal_5702.trc: ORA-15183: ASMLIB initialization error [driver/agent not installed]

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What is your hot tables in the database

The other day, an analyst came to me and asked can you tell me currently what are the hot tables, and I remembered the v$segment_statistics, this has some interesting data. Total Reads happening: SELECT t.owner,t.table_name,lr.value as logical_reads, pr.value as physical_reads,

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  • Oracle OpenWorld 2014
  • Gartner BI Summit 9/3/15-10/3/15
  • UKOUG Business Analytics SIG 12/3/15
  • UKOUG Conference 7/12/15-9/12/15
  • Oracle Ireland Conference 2016 3/3/16-4/3/16
  • UKOUG Systems 2016 12/5/16
  • Oracle OpenWorld 2016
  • POUG 2016 7/10/16
  • DOAG 2016 15/11/16
  • UKOUG 2016 5/12/16



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